Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New and important car-seat video - it can save lives!

Please help spread the video on Facebook, Twitter and so on to help this important message catch on. It is such a shame that parents don't get this vital information, everyone wants there child to be as safe as possible in the car. Every day two small children is killed in car accidents in Europe(that is 730 children each year!), if all children under four years sat rear-facing many lives could be spared. Mind you that this message is important not only to parents in Europe but every parents that drives a car with their little children in it.

In 2008 ANEC, the European consumer organization, published a research report based on real accidents in US, UK and Sweden. Especially the UK numbers were sad, of the 8 death accidents study from the UK 6 children could have survived(some of them with only bruises) if the had been in a correctly installed rear-facing car seat instead of a forward facing one. ANEC's conclusion was that all children in Europe under the age of four should be in rear-facing car seats. The whole report can be read here.

Important: Check out how long your seat can be used rear-facing. One can not just turn a seat to rear-facing position if the seat is not created for that purpose and it is important to check the rear-facing limit of your car seat(a child over that limit can not use the car seat rear-facing).

In European it is possible to get rear-facing car seats that can be used up to 25 kg(55 lbs). All children should stay rear-facing until they are four years old, remember that bent legs is not dangerous(many parents turn their kids forward-facing way to early because they believe their children's legs is hurting even when the child never once has complained about it. More on bent legs).

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