Monday, January 7, 2008

Test winner

Test winner - not always the safest alternative.

The Swedish NTF(The national association for trafic security) has a article on their website on how to interpret testresults. It is important to read the car seats tests thourougly, the test winner seat doesn't necessary have to be the safest alternative.

The article says(amongst other things) something that is important to remember: No matter which place the rear facing car seat has got in the test it is still better than the forward facing car seats. The tests doesn't take into account that it is recommended to have the kids rear facing for as long as possible. The article, link HERE.

In May 2007 a test was published, that test have been much noted. The results could be read in VG(and other magazines) and there was a report on the tv-show God Morgen Norge on TV 2. There is a number of points of weakness in this test, one of many is that seats in different weightclassses was tested against each other.

Akta Graco's seat Duologic only got three points under the criteria userfriendliness, that counts for 50% of the overall total score, this contributed to the average score that this seat got on this test. Under the criteria safety Duologic got the highest acchivable score(5 points) in front collision. While the seat HTS BeSafe iZi Comfort X1 only got 3.5 points in front collision, still this seat ended up with a higher total score than the DuoLogic seat. It is important to know that a front collision is the most powerful collision that one can experience,that is why it is important to have a seat that is as secure at possible in a front collision. Akta's seat did beat HTS's seat on several categories under the safety criteria.

After this test was published Trygg Trafikk recommended the consumers to read the entire test and to look away from the eyes given on the dices in this test.

In Sweden the Säkerhetsbutiken also has an article consering this test.

A recommendation: Read the test thoroughly and think about which criteria that is of more importance. Is it more important that the seat should be easy as possible to install or is it more important that it is the seat that is safest for your child?


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