Tuesday, December 4, 2007

How to secure the baby in the safest possible way in the car

Babies from approx. 0 - 10 kg(9 months)

The picture on the left side shows a six hours old little baby boy in his rear facing car seat ready to leave the hospital.

I Norway today we have three legal alternatives:

  • Rear facing car seat
  • Boxette
  • Safety net, to use over a stroller bag.
Trygg Trafikk is clear in their recommendations rear facing car seat is the safest alternative. Trygg Trafikk's Swedish sister organization, NTF, says that one should only use a safety net if the child have a medical condition saying that they have to lie down in the car, all others should ride in a rear facing car seat. They recommend that people who considers safety net consults with their doctor first.

Research done by the Swedish research and insurance agency, Folksam, shows that the risk of severe or deadly injuries are substantially higher with the use of safety net than with a rear facing car seat. If one sholud be so unfortunate to have an overturn with the car then there is a large risk that the baby could fall out of the safety net.

When one uses the safety net, only the bag is fastend. The baby lies loose in the bag. One example can be seen in this crash test

The myth about the rear facing car seat is bad for the babys back

Some parents choose safety net or boxette when they are going for a long ride in the car because of this myth. It dosen't exist any documentation proving that rear facing car seats are bad for the babies back. One should take regularly brakes when on a long drive, that is good for adults and babies. Listen to the signals the baby is giving, a baby that experiences discomfort will in most cases cry, sob or scream.


Mantox said...

Heres my take on when to switch seats good day readers!!

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